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A Night Without Air Conditioning

Sleeping through a hot, sticky, summer night without air conditioning can be frustrating but what’s even worse is living through one with a malfunctioning air conditioner. Your air conditioner requires yearly maintenance to ensure that it functions properly, but there can be times where you are unable to get it…

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“What Was That?” Furnace Noises & What They Mean

Problems with your furnace tend to start out small and progress to full-blown, serious breakdowns if they are not taken care of. It’s one of the many reasons proper furnace maintenance by a professional is necessary to keep your system running well all season. How can you catch these smaller…

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Indiana Johnson’s Quest For the Oldest Furnace: We’ve Found Our Winner!

For years we’d heard many whispers and rumours of ancient heating relics hidden in basements around the city of Edmonton… In February 2016, Indiana Johnson, Weiss-Johnson’s resident adventurer, began his epic Quest for the Oldest Furnace in Edmonton, trying to find this surviving artifact and replace it with a new…

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Breaking Down How Air Conditioners Work

A quick flip of the thermostat switch will fill your home with cool, air-conditioned air, keeping you comfortable indoors during the hot summer months. However, most people don’t give any thought to how their air conditioner works—until something goes wrong. It’s extremely important to understand the mechanics of your AC…

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