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What’s SEER Got To Do With It?

SEER = Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating When you’re looking for a new air conditioner, you’re ideally trying to find a unit that operates at the highest efficiency possible. A home comfort system that runs at a higher efficiency will cost you less in monthly energy bills. How do you go…

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Stay Cool Without A/C

Nothing beats central air conditioning when it comes to keeping you comfortably cool during the hot summer months. Sometimes life happens though and circumstances or spending priorities change. If you are trying to stay cool without A/C here are a few trips that might help you make it through the…

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SAVE 10% Off a Weiss-Johnson Annual Maintenance Plan!

As you likely know by now, keeping your home comfort systems functioning properly and efficiently all comes down to regular heating, cooling and ventilation maintenance. The best way to stay on top of system care is through a maintenance plan, and Weiss-Johnson is pleased to offer you great savings to…

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Avoid HVAC Damage with Proper Pest Control this Spring

You never really think about the problems that pests, like mice, squirrels and insects, can cause until you’re faced with an infestation in your own home. Many homeowners don’t realize that their heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are one of the most common ways for pests to enter…

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