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Scheduling your Mechanical Trades for your New Home Build

Building a new home requires a lot of preparation and organization to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently. Staying organized can also be beneficial to how quickly your mechanical trades can do their work within your new home. Here at Weiss-Johnson, we are able to make the most use of…

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The Value of Air Conditioning in Your Home

The value of air conditioning in your home will never be more apparent than when it is over 30°C and your wife is eight months pregnant. Talk about a marriage saver! Seriously though, we often view air conditioning in our homes as a luxury item that only the affluent might…

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Basement Suite Heating – Your Questions Answered

Heating A Legal Basement Suite With the increased need for affordable housing as well as a desire to pay part of mortgages though rent, there is an increased need for basement legal suites. Weiss-Johnson Sheet Metal has vast experience in doing such projects in both new housing as well as…

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Garage Suite – Garden Suite Heating

Garage Suite and Garden Suite HVAC Professionals The terms garage suite and garden suite have become interchangeable though some municipalities still define a garden suite as a suite built at grade level whether attached to a garage or not and a garage suite built above grade level on top of…

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