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Need Air Conditioning? Consider Ductless AC as an Option!

When contemplating air conditioning upgrades, many people mistakenly believe that there are only two options available: central air conditioning (CAC) that cools the whole home or window units that provide relief to a specific area. Many homeowners are unfamiliar with the ductless AC option. Just like CAC, ductless AC is…

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It’s #NationalLungMonth – How Healthy is Your Home?

#NationalLungMonth is observed every November nation-wide in Canada. As an HVAC company, Weiss-Johnson understands how critical indoor air quality is and what that means for your lungs and general health of you and your family. The Lung Association of Canada states that Lung Month is a time for Canadians to…

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Benefit from a Smart Thermostat In Your Home

Your thermostat is critical for your home comfort. It allows you to control your home’s internal environment and maintain an indoor temperature that you feel most comfortable in. When you invest in a smart thermostat, you allow yourself to make an even greater difference in your home comfort and to…

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Insulation + HVAC Systems = Total Home Comfort

Energy efficient furnaces should create a noticeable decrease in monthly energy bills. If you have recently installed a new HVAC system, but have not benefited from a decrease in bills, something is likely amiss. However, before you blame your home comfort system, take a closer look at your home —…

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