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Celebrate Earth Day & Go Greener All Year

On Saturday, April 22nd, Canadians across the country will join people around the world to celebrate Earth Day. It’s a time to consider the impact our actions and way of life are having on the planet and what we can do to support a healthier environment for the Earth and…

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Clear Furnace Vents To Save A Service Call

Save the cost of a service call – This is the first thing to check in cold weather if your furnace is not working or blowing cold air Over the Christmas season our service group fielded more than 300 calls due to the bitterly cold weather. A large number of…

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Prepare for Winter Storms

As Canadians, we know how tricky the weather can be, particularly when it comes to winter storms. Here in Edmonton, our winters are longer, colder and have a tendency for extreme weather that could leave you in an uncomfortable situation. We have a few tips to keep you organized and…

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Dry Air Affecting your Comfort? We have the Remedy

Don’t suffer from dry air anymore! Dry air can make winter much less enjoyable than it can be, but with a recommendation from Dr. Dennis, you may be able to stay comfortable: First there’s the cold weather and the constant snow but that’s just when you’re outdoors, the dry air…

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