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Basement Suite Heating – Your Questions Answered

Heating A Legal Basement Suite With the increased need for affordable housing as well as a desire to pay part of mortgages though rent, there is an increased need for basement legal suites. Weiss-Johnson Sheet Metal has vast experience in doing such projects in both new housing as well as…

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Garage Suite – Garden Suite Heating

Garage Suite and Garden Suite HVAC Professionals The terms garage suite and garden suite have become interchangeable though some municipalities still define a garden suite as a suite built at grade level whether attached to a garage or not and a garage suite built above grade level on top of…

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Garage Heater Installation

Garage heaters make life better…..for you and your vehicle Which garage heater installation is best for your home? We carry both radiant and forced air garage heaters. Both of these styles of heater will keep your garage warm but each has distinct advantages and disadvantages. First of all it is…

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Preparing your A/C for summer

It is already warming up so before you know it the cooling season will be here and you will want to use your central air conditioning. If you are thinking about adding central air conditioning to your home this summer click here When it comes to your HVAC equipment, an…

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