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The Most Common Signs for Air Conditioner Repair

It isn’t very difficult to spot something wrong with your air conditioner—after all, it’s a machine that requires all its parts to be in good working order to function properly. However, it’s been at least 6 long months since you last had your cooling system running, so you may be…

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The number one cause of a sick furnace

With very cold weather coming over the next few weeks many people will experience problems with their furnace. If you have not had an annual maintenance done you may have not taken care of the most important item when it comes to insuring your furnace remains running.  Your furnace has…

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Great Reasons for a Ductless Split Solution

Ever wonder what those vent-like units you see mounted on walls are? They’re ductless split systems and are quickly becoming the heating and cooling solution of choice amongst many people looking to replace or complement their existing home comfort systems! Upgrading to a ductless split solution is a great idea…

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Need Air Conditioning? Consider Ductless AC as an Option!

When contemplating air conditioning upgrades, many people mistakenly believe that there are only two options available: central air conditioning (CAC) that cools the whole home or window units that provide relief to a specific area. Many homeowners are unfamiliar with the ductless AC option. Just like CAC, ductless AC is…

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