Celebrate Earth Day & Go Greener All Year

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On Saturday, April 22nd, Canadians across the country will join people around the world to celebrate Earth Day. It’s a time to consider the impact our actions and way of life are having on the planet and what we can do to support a healthier environment for the Earth and ourselves.

There are several aspects of your home comfort and care that you adjust to see a positive change:

  • Household Cleaners
    • Commercial cleaners tend to contain a lot of noxious chemicals that are not only bad for the Earth, but bad for your health, too! Try switching to eco-friendly products or make your own at home.
    • **See our easy, green cleaner recipes below.**
  • Disposables
    • Limit how many disposable, one-time-use products you use every day. Switch out plastic snack bags with reusable containers and paper towels with reusable cloths—or even old cotton t-shirts!
  • Plant
    • A greener garden means a greener earth. Honeybee populations are vital for our ecosystem but are suffering a drastic population decline due to increased pesticide use and habitat loss. Planting flowers in your garden, like honeysuckle, snapdragons, wild strawberry, purple coneflower, petunias and poppy will attract bees and help them thrive.
    • You can also improve your indoor air quality by increasing the number of plants you have indoors! A ficus or spider plant are low-maintenance options that will improve your home’s air quality while brightening up the room.
  • HVAC
    • Don’t forget about your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system! It uses a lot of energy to operate and requires proper care to keep it energy efficient. Professional heating and air conditioning maintenance will ensure that your system is running at peak efficiency and not using more energy than required to run.
    • When you schedule professional air conditioning maintenance this spring, inquire about smart thermostats. Weiss-Johnson’s licensed technicians will be more than happy to guide you through your options and show you how much you can save with a thermostat that only makes your HVAC system run when it needs to!

Weiss-Johnson is fully committed to our customers’ needs and providing the best quality service! Take advantage of our current promotion:

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This weekend, take a moment to determine what small changes you can make to your routine that can improve your own health and comfort while having a positive effect on the planet, too.

Natural Cleaner Recipes


Kitchen Cleaner –       Spray Bottle

–       ½ Cup White Vinegar

–       1 ½ Cup Water

–       A Few Drops of Your Favourite Essential Oil (Optional)


Toilet Bowl Cleaner –       *Mix in Toilet Bowl*

–       Sprinkle ½ Cup Baking Soda into Bowl

–       Pour ½ Cup Vinegar Over Baking Soda

–       Add a Few Drops of Essential Oil (Optional)

–       Let sit for 15-30 minutes, then scrub

Air Freshener/Linen Spray –       Spray Bottle

–       Boil Lemon Slices & Fresh Basil in 1 ½ Cups Water to Steep

–       Let Cool and Pour Steeped Water into Spray Bottle, Straining Lemon Slices & Basil Out

–       Add another 1 Cup Water to Bottle

–       Add 5 Drops Lemon Essential Oil; Mix Well





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