Clear Furnace Vents To Save A Service Call

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Save the cost of a service call – This is the first thing to check in cold weather if your furnace is not working or blowing cold air

Over the Christmas season our service group fielded more than 300 calls due to the bitterly cold weather. A large number of these calls were for problems such as furnace shut down and / or furnace blowing cold air. When this happens the first thing to check is your furnace venting. Both the intake and the exhaust need to be clear of ice. A clogged or restricted vent means your furnace cannot breathe and if it cannot breathe it will not function. A service call for a clogged vent is not covered by warranty as clearing the vents is considered routine homeowner maintenance.  For a quick tutorial on how to clear your venting, click on the video below.

Once you have cleared your furnace venting just reset your furnace and you should be good to go. If you are still experiencing problems give us a call, we are always here to help


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