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Commercial Plumbing Repair & Installation

Commercial Plumbers To Maintain Your Facilities

Commercial plumbing is specialized work, and staying ahead of problems is key for business property owners and landlords alike. Business premises that accommodate restaurants, stores and offices have very specific plumbing requirements, We understand the mandate of companies to provide top-class facilities to their employees and clients and  are here to help you  maintain your commercial plumbing systems.

Backflow Device Testing

Edmonton requires commercial buildings equipped with DCVA or RPBP backflow devices to be tested and inspected by certified cross connection specialists once per year with results sent to EPCOR upon completion. We have trained technicians and the expertise to complete these inspections quickly and on time. We take care of submitting all the paperwork to EPCOR leaving you with a streamlined and hassle free service.

Serving the Restaurant & Food Industry

The food industry in Edmonton is subject to a variety of strict regulations, and owners of premises zoned for food outlets are required to undergo regular plumbing inspections. All restaurant drains that discharge wastewater containing oil or grease is required to be connected to a grease trap. This includes dishwashers, drains of self-cleaning exhaust hoods and other cooking equipment, and floor drains. Our plumbers understand the importance of maintaining the restaurant drainage system according to the local commercial bylaws.

Business Premises Requirements

The commercial plumbing requirements of business premises include the installation of water supplies to multiple distribution points in office buildings. Tall buildings often accommodate several different businesses as well as specialized plumbing systems which require maintenance and installation by certified commercial plumbers. Each floor has several washrooms available for workers, and maintaining these systems in optimal working conditions is critical for the landlord or property manager. We understand your need for urgent, competent commercial plumbing services when a problem arises, and with qualified plumbers available 24/7, we are able to attend to your emergency right away.

Plumbing for Recreation Facilities

Edmonton offers its residents a choice of hundreds of recreation facilities. From community centers and gymnasiums to public swimming pools, these facilities need to be maintained in perfect condition year-round. The commercial plumbing requirements for these facilities is extensive.During peak periods, the facilities host large numbers of local residents, each of whom expects quality plumbing conditions. We have the installation and repair expertise to keep these facilities operating perfectly.

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Commercial Plumbing Repair & Maintenance

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