How to Evaluate the Condition of Your Air Conditioner

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If you’re not on a regular maintenance plan, it can be hard to determine when you should be getting your air conditioner serviced. You have to evaluate the condition of your air conditioner and decide if it’s ready for professional maintenance service, a repair, or even replacement. This can be tricky to figure out, so this week we’d like to outline what you should look for to properly evaluate your unit.

For Professional Maintenance Service:
A general rule of thumb for air conditioner maintenance is once per year. But a lot can happen in the six months between the summer and winter seasons, so we recommend you consider maintenance twice per year, especially if your unit is several years old. A good way to check how your unit is holding up is by checking its air filter frequently. If you find that you need to replace or clean this filter more often than you expected, then you likely need professional maintenance more often.

For Professional Repairs:
When a technician comes for regular maintenance for your unit, they’ll often discover any repairs that need to be made and perform them at that time. The tricky part comes when you evaluate the condition of your air conditioner in between maintenance appointments. You need to be alert for any problems that arise, because the longer a part of your unit is left broken down, the more likely it is to break down further and force more costly repairs. Ensure that you are always checking your utility bills for any indicators that your unit is working overtime, and try to monitor how your air conditioner sounds and the temperature consistency in your home. If you notice anything off, contact a professional right away!

For Professional Replacement:
It’s generally recommended that you replace your system after you’ve had it for more than 10 years. This, however, is a guideline based on how well your unit functions after this period of time. If your air conditioner has been well maintained and experiences few costly breakdowns and repairs, then you likely do not need a replacement. However, if bills are adding up and the cost of repairing your unit is close to or exceeding the cost of a new efficient unit, you should certainly consider professional replacement. You should also note that most warranties expire after 10 years, so taking the cost of repairs out of pocket into consideration is critical in this decision.

If you take the time to consider these outlines to evaluate the condition of your air conditioner (about once per month) you will find that you are successfully maintaining your unit.

A maintenance plan can also keep your air conditioner and other home comfort systems well maintained all year for a small fee. Maintenance plans come with a host of benefits, including 24/7 emergency service and discounts on repairs. Learn more about maintenance plans here. You can always contact us at any time with any questions may have about you air conditioner or any of your other home comfort systems.


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