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Garage Heaters

Heat garage and utility areas with garage heaters from Weiss-Johnson, the leader in indoor heating and comfort.

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Superior Radiant Heater

This residential garage heater provides comfort for your garage and workshop all year round and eliminates condensation that can damage your tools. Series GR high-efficiency infrared heater comes pre-assembled for faster installation. The leading-edge infrared radiant tube heater design keeps your garage floor, tools, and equipment cozy and dry, especially during harsh Winter months

Caribe Radiant Heater


Approved for residential and commercial applications. Factory-assembled for easy installation. Longer life provided by durable components. One building penetration-balanced flue for both exhaust and combustion air. Ceiling-mounted to free valuable work space below.

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Sterling GG Series

Sterling GG Series gas-fired unit heaters combine the latest tubular heat exchanger technologies with a unique single-orifice burner system for superior durability, reliability andperformance. GG Series propeller units are available in sizes from 30 to 120 MBH and offer industry leading operating efficiencies in a compact low-profile design perfect for applications where space is limited.

Reznor (R) V3 Series


Reznor(R) V3 Series unit heaters have a refreshing new appearance with a glossy white cabinet finish, unique REZNOR mitered corner and less visible hardware. Reznor UDAP unit heaters Suspended from the ceiling of a Factory, Box Store or Warehouse, unit heaters provide an excellent solution for Doorway Heating, Freeze Protection, Space Heating, Garages and summer time air circulation.

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