Great Reasons for a Ductless Split Solution

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Ever wonder what those vent-like units you see mounted on walls are? They’re ductless split systems and are quickly becoming the heating and cooling solution of choice amongst many people looking to replace or complement their existing home comfort systems!

Upgrading to a ductless split solution is a great idea for many families, and we’ve outlined some of the reasons you’d benefit below, so you can determine if it’s the right investment for you.


Made up of two main parts, ductless split systems are easy to install because they are, in fact, ductless. This means your home won’t need to go through any reconstructions to make room for a central air conditioning system installation, and gives homes without any room for ducts the option of a cool and comfortable environment. Ductless split systems can also complement an existing central air conditioner by cooling specific rooms that never get quite as cool as the rest of the house. By installing a unit in these rooms, your home finally gets an even temperature throughout for optimal comfort.

Improved Air Quality

Ductless split systems have been engineered to have a fine, multi-stage filtration system within the each unit that effectively removes a much greater amount of dust, allergens and other pollutants. The difference in filtration between these systems and a regular HVAC system is substantial, as the filters and vents within HVAC systems are not nearly as effective in removing particulates from the air.

Help the Environment by Reducing Your Carbon Footprint & Save Money

Ductless split systems are certified by Energy Star, meaning they are exceedingly energy efficient and thus make a significantly lesser impact on the environment than any other HVAC system would. Ductless systems also use a refrigerant (to cool your home) called R410A, which causes zero ozone depletion, also attributing to the lesser environment impact. Through their incredible efficiency, ductless systems save homeowners money by lowering utility costs and saving energy, too.


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