Your Home Comfort Checklist this Fall Season

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Summer is officially winding down, Edmonton, and it looks like autumn is just around the corner. Although we’re sad to see summer go, we have one of the most beautiful times of the year coming our way! The trees will be changing colours and spending cozy nights by the fire are certainly in order. But along with getting ready for the impact of the cooler season, we also need to ensure our houses are prepared. We’ve compiled a short home comfort checklist for you so you can get your home in order on time this year.

  • Seal Any Cracks in Your Driveway:

As the weather turns colder and freezing in the winter sets in, your driveway can dramatically deteriorate if you don’t seal any cracks that have formed in the last 6 months. Make sure you clean the cracks thoroughly and use a quality driveway filler product to seal the spaces.

    • Ensure Windows Are Completely Sealed

The caulking around your windows wears away and can lead to small holes and spaces that can let out a lot of heat and create uncomfortable drafts in the cooler months. Make sure you check for any new cracks and seal them properly.

  • Have Your Roof Inspected

Now is a good time to check for any loose shingles or any other damages. The weather is still permitting for repairs that need to be made to ensure your roof won’t leak or force drafts and discomfort through your home.

  • Thoroughly Clean Your Eavestroughs

Once the leaves have changed their colours and fallen, make sure you flush out your eavestroughs to prevent any serious clogs or breaks that will lead to damage in the winter months.

  • Check & Clean Your Home Comfort Systems

Possibly one of the most important things on your home comfort checklist, checking and cleaning your home comfort systems is vital for a smooth transition into fall and winter. The best way to ensure your heating and ventilation system are working effectively and efficiently is by hiring a professional HVAC technician to perform a thorough cleaning and check up.

Your technician will be able to clean your furnace and other systems in places you wouldn’t think to check and make note of and fix anything that needs a professional repair. They’ll ensure your system will work as efficiently as possible and also advise you if it’s time or nearing time to replace any parts or your unit as a whole.

With professional system maintenance on your home comfort checklist, you’ll receive a detailed report on the performance of your systems and all the work that went into them. This way you’ll know what to expect down the line and be able to adjust your home comfort systems accordingly.

Weiss-Johnson is proud to offer our services for all of your home comfort system needs! Our professional team is also equipped to service plumbing, electrical and fireplace installation and maintenance; contact us for more information!


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