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Home Maintenance Contracts
from Weiss-Johnson

Weiss-Johnson Heating, Air Conditioning & Home Comfort is a service-based company, focused on resolving your service problems. We have fully-trained and licensed technicians, fully-stocked service trucks and after-hours access to most manufacturers’ parts. We can help you when you need it most.

With the cost of repairs it is important to follow the manufacturers recommendations to maintain your warranty and insure it is valid when you need it. Most importantly all manufactures require that an annual maintenance by an approved service company be performed.

If your furnace or AC system is out of warranty it is still important to perform an annual preventative maintenance. Just as with a motor vehicle, annual preventative maintenance cannot guarantee your older furnace will not break down, it does however  reduces the likelihood of that happening by identifying parts that are either wearing or appear to be near the end of their service life.

Weiss-Johnson is proud to offer several maintenance plans from a basic preventative maintenance plan to our full service plan that includes cleaning of your HRV, bath fans and filter changes. We have a plan to match the needs of every household. To protect your warranty or to find out more information about our maintenance programs please contact our office.