Homeowner Mistakes That Lead to Premature Furnace Replacement

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Homeowners invest a lot of money into their home comfort systems, so we know that no one is actively trying to break their furnace! But we often get calls for heating repairs or a furnace replacement that can be attributed to some mistakes homeowners have made in their heating system care. We’ve outlined three common ways homeowners can unknowingly damage their furnace – make sure you avoid them!

Ignoring Your Furnace Filter

A furnace filter should be checked every month and replaced as needed. Over time, dust and other pollutants and particles build up on the filter, causing restricted airflow. Eventually, air is no longer able to pass through the filter and builds up in your furnace, causing your unit to overheat and shutdown. Repeatedly overheating your furnace can cause your heat exchanger, the most expensive and important part of your furnace, to crack. Once a heat exchanger cracks, it often is more economical to have a total furnace replacement than investing money into replacing the heat exchanger.

Blocking Heat Registers or Return air Grilles

When moving into a new home or buying new furniture, most homeowners do not consider where heat registers are located. Always ensure furniture and curtains are not blocking vents and preventing air from circulating in the room. When a register is blocked, hot air is trapped in your system and can build up to the point of overheating. It can also cause plastic components and gaskets in your furnace to melt. This can eventually lead to costly heating repair bills or in the worst-case scenario – complete furnace replacement much earlier than you would have anticipated.

Neglecting Annual Furnace Maintenance and Inspection

To ensure your furnace is running safely and at peak efficiency, a yearly inspection and tune-up by a certified professional is necessary. Certified technicians can clean heating components, make necessary adjustments to meet manufacturer specifications and diagnose any potential problems before they require costly furnace repairs later. Ignoring annual maintenance can lead to premature furnace replacement and can void manufacturer warranties on parts – leaving you on the hook for costly repair bills.


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