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Hot Water On Demand – Maintenance

Annual maintenance for your hot water on demand system

To maintain reliability of an demand hot water system annual maintenance is critical

Like the heating system in your home, regular maintenance of your tankless water heater system ensures that you can enjoy having hot water flowing in your house without interruption. On-demand water heaters do not require a great deal of maintenance however failing to follow the basic minimum maintenance suggested by the manufacturers in areas like Edmonton where  hard water is a fact of life can not only impact your warranty but is almost certainly to result in an unplanned shutdown of your system.

To get the best out of your system and ensure that it is always operating at optimum capacity, maintenance is key. Over time, minerals from the water accumulate on the insides of the heating chamber, this causes corrosion and restriction of the heat exchanger and ultimately has a dramatic negative effect on the speed,volume and quality of the hot water at your taps as well as causing a shutdown in your heating system due to sediment breaking free and plugging the pumps. Performing annual maintenance and purging your system annually is the key having a on demand hot water system that you can rely on for years to come.

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