Invest in Furnace Repair Before Winter Hits

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Temperatures are dropping every day and the nights are even colder. As we gear up for another long winter in Edmonton, we need to consider what preparations need to be made– especially furnace repair. Before the snow and ice hits, hire a professional to make sure your furnace is working properly to keep you warm all season.

A lot can happen in the summer months when your furnace is not in use, which can be incredibly hazardous to your unit and even to your safety. Professional maintenance will ensure that your furnace repair goes smoothly and your home will be warm and comfortable all season.

Furnace repair is necessary for fixing any broken parts, leaks, and brittle wiring that may have occurred because of age and normal wear and tear. Signs that indicate future breakdowns can often evade homeowners and require an expert who knows what to check for and where. Necessary maintenance will also include removing grease build-up, tightening up loose pipes and other parts, and checking for any signs of leaking.

Some of the things you will notice if your furnace is failing are:

  • Increasing energy bills: your unit is no longer working efficiently and your energy bills prove it
  • Poor air quality: a stuffy house and a sudden onslaught of allergies
  • Thermostat seems off: if you’ve cranked it up and it’s still not very warm in your home, your furnace is experiencing problems

It’s not worth the risk of an uncomfortable home when it matters most! The best decision to make this season is to invest in furnace repair before we really get hit by old man winter, and Weiss-Johnson can help.

We even have a maintenance plan promotion on RIGHT NOW, where you can take advantage of great savings and a smooth running HVAC system all year round.

Our professionals are experts in furnace repair and all necessary maintenance to ensure your system will run smoothly all winter. We’re happy to help with any questions you may have, feel free to contact us today!


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