Why Isn’t My Air Conditioner Blowing Cold Air?

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When the sun is beating down and you’re feeling the humidity of summer, the first thing you want to do is turn that air conditioner all the way up. But what happens when you notice your air conditioner isn’t blowing cold air? That’s when you really start to sweat.

We’ve outlined a few of the most common causes for your air conditioner blowing hot air, but there are many more and our friendly professionals are always available to help you assess the problem.

The Outside Unit is Dirty and/or Obstructed

Double-check the two main components of your air conditioner, the outside unit and the inside unit. Both units remove heat from your home, so double-check and make sure everything is running properly and there is nothing that needs to be plugged in.

Look outside and make sure no plants, dirt or debris are blocking or clogging the unit. This is the most common reason why your air conditioner is blowing hot air as this type of blockage restricts airflow; you can easily take a broom and sweep visible dirt away from your unit. You should also trim bushes or cut grass if needed to prevent any naturally occurring obstructions outside. Keeping your unit tidy and clean is very important for cool air.

Thermostat Might Be Set to ‘HEAT’

Believe it or not, this does happen! Some homeowners forget that they have to turn their thermostat from ‘warm’ to ‘cool’ in the summer time. This has happened many times and it is an easy fix.You should also check your thermostat’s temperature and adjust it to the one that best suits you.

You should also try to keep your thermostat set to ‘AUTO’ instead of ‘ON’ as the ‘ON’ setting forces air to be blown throughout your home non-stop, even when your air conditioner isn’t producing cool air at the time.

Changing Your Air Filter

The air filter in air conditioner protects your unit by removing dirt particles and debris from the air. Unfortunately, if you leave the same filter in for a long time, it gets clogged with dirt and restricts airflow to your home. This can also cause your unit to freeze up keep the air conditioner from cooling your home. This can also cause damage to your unit, so make sure those air filters are clean to prevent any future costly repairs!

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