Need Air Conditioning? Consider Ductless AC as an Option!

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When contemplating air conditioning upgrades, many people mistakenly believe that there are only two options available: central air conditioning (CAC) that cools the whole home or window units that provide relief to a specific area. Many homeowners are unfamiliar with the ductless AC option.

Just like CAC, ductless AC is comprised of two components—an indoor unit and outdoor unit. One of the main difference in how the indoor unit is installed. In traditional CAC systems, the indoor unit is usually located near the furnace to work in conjunction with it. Cool air is produced and then forced throughout the home via ductwork. With a ductless AC option, there is no ductwork involved. The indoor unit is installed in the desired zone of the home and is connected to the outdoor unit by a thin, copper tube.

In certain situations, a ductless AC may be the better option for homeowners:

  • If you’re adding an addition to the home and cannot tie into the existing HVAC system, ductless air conditioning would complement your central air conditioner and provide cooling to the new areas without requiring extensive HVAC remodeling.
  • If your home is currently using a window air conditioner and you’re looking to upgrade, ductless AC would be a more energy-efficient option and less costly way to replace old window units.
  • Many times, older homes don’t have the required room in ceilings and walls to run ducts for air conditioning. In situations where space is an issue, ductless AC can be installed to ensure rooms are cool and comfortable without sacrificing space.

We are proud to carry Daikin ductless systems, which provides energy efficiency and comfort control while being an affordable, cost-saving option. Additionally, Daikin air conditioners come with an industry leading 10-year or 12-year limited parts warranty.

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