A Night Without Air Conditioning

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Sleeping through a hot, sticky, summer night without air conditioning can be frustrating but what’s even worse is living through one with a malfunctioning air conditioner.

Your air conditioner requires yearly maintenance to ensure that it functions properly, but there can be times where you are unable to get it working on your own and a service technician can’t make it out to source the problem. Here are a few tips to keep you and your family cool while you are waiting for your system to be back up and running:

  1. Try to eat cold, hydrating foods for dinner as to not force excess heat into your body
  2. Drink water frequently to keep hydrated and lower your body temperature
  3. Mist yourself with cool water
  4. Use crisp cotton or satin sheets
  5. Use a rotating fan to help circulate the air

An excellent way to avoid getting stuck with an Air Conditioner that won’t work is to schedule regular, seasonal maintenance by a trained technician. Weiss-Johnson’s licensed technicians will inspect and clean your AC unit ensuring it’s properly functioning and will make or schedule any repairs that may be necessary to getting it back up and running like it should in no time.

Weiss-Johnson professionals will be happy to help you with any air conditioning needs and even offer 24 hour emergency service to ensure you are getting the home comfort you and your family deserve.

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