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Heating and cooling systems are usually trouble-free and easy to maintain. Efficient operation is a function of good regular maintenance. No matter what type of heating and cooling system you have, there are several things you can do to keep the system in top condition.


Weiss-Johnson provides furnaces from Lennox, Trane, Goodman and Daikin.

Air Conditioners

Weiss-Johnson provides air conditioners from Lennox, Trane, Goodman and Daikin.

Garage Heaters

Approved for residential and commercial applications. Factory-assembled for easy installation.

Hot Water Tanks

Tankless water heaters provide an unlimited amount of hot water at a steady temperature.

Indoor Air Quality

Helps eliminate biological contaminants like mold and bacteria and protects equipment by sterilizing surfaces.


You can now control comfort and indoor air quality (IAQ) throughout your entire home.

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