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If you would like to book a service call to repair your furnace or air conditioning please submit your request using the form below or call us at 780-463-3096. All requests are responded to within one business day.

Weiss-Johnson Heating, Air Conditioning & Home Comfort is a service-based company, focused on resolving your service problems. We have fully-trained and licensed technicians, fully-stocked service trucks and after-hours access to most manufacturers’ parts. Along with our standard call out repair service, we are pleased to offer customer three different HVAC maintenance packages. All manufacturers require that an annual maintenance by a certified heating contractor be completed in order to maintain the warranty. Since warranty periods on some products can be as long as 12 years, it is worth taking the right steps to make sure it remains valid.

Safety Check

A basic safety check does not validate your warranty and is not recognized as an annual maintenance by the manufacturer.  If you have a specific concern, smell natural gas, are getting headaches etc and your furnace is outside of the warranty period. A safety check is recommended.  You DO NOT have to call a heating contractor to do this for you. ATCO gas performs safety checks on furnaces, hot water tanks and gas appliances free of charge.

Warranty Validation Maintenance Check $89.00

This is the most basic of maintenance we offer. You may only have a full maintenance performed on your furnace or AC once every 2 or 3 years so this maintenance check maintains the validity of your warranty.  It includes a visual inspection of the equipment and basic testing.  You will be provided with documentation that the maintenance check has been performed by licenced heating contractor.

Standard Maintenance $179.00

During this maintenance we perform visual checks of the equipment, cycle it through the different heat cycles, and perform a full diagnostic check on the 22 most critical functions and parts within the unit.  Should anything appear to be failing, need replacement under warranty or need cleaning etc we will advise you at that time.  This maintenance also validates your ongoing manufacturer’s warranty.  Should parts such as filters, flame sensors, ignitors, humidifier pads or other items be required that are consumable or outside of the manufactures warranty these parts are available during the maintenance call at a 10% discount.

Premium Maintenance $279.00

This premium maintenance package is designed for homeowners who own a recently built home that has an HRV unit. This package includes everything found in the safety check, the warranty validation package and the Standard maintenance package. It also includes a thorough cleaning of the HRV , the humidifier as well as replacement of standard filters and humidifier pads.  Should we find items such as ignitors or flame sensors that require replacement outside of the manufactures warranty these parts are available during the maintenance call at a 25% discount.

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To guarantee you the best possible service or installation experience, all our technicians are certified and have undergone a complete background check. Weiss-Johnson is proud of our accomplishments, our service and our commitment to our customers and our community.

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