Scheduling your Mechanical Trades for your New Home Build

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Building a new home requires a lot of preparation and organization to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently. Staying organized can also be beneficial to how quickly your mechanical trades can do their work within your new home. Here at Weiss-Johnson, we are able to make the most use of your time while keeping your project cost-friendly by providing your heating, plumbing, electrical and fireplace trades.

Our checklist below exemplifies what our experience in mechanical trades has taught us and how it will help you save time and money:

  • Choose Your Options Early

The sooner your make decisions and let your builder and trades know, the faster everything will get done without delays. Some things need time to order and other choices may affect others scopes of work.

  • Schedule Your Electrical Service Mast Installation

You can have this hooked up as soon as your services to the home have been done and the framers have begun working.

  • Order Tubs & Showers Before Framers Put the Roof On

Have them delivered to your site from your plumbing contractor so the framers can lift them into place when lifting roof trusses.

  • Install Mechanical Insulation/Poly/Drywall Behind Tubs & Fireplaces When Located Against an Exterior Wall

This needs to be scheduled before any mechanical work can be done so schedule it early.

  • Schedule a Heating Mark Out

This should be done 2 days before your framers are scheduled to be completed. Stairs are required top to bottom so when we are marking holes, none of them are on floor joists, etc.

  • Schedule Plumber First When Framer is Complete

The time needed for plumbing depends on the complexity of the system and size of the home. Plumbing needs proper grading so it needs to be scheduled before other mechanical trades.

  • Schedule Fireplace Installation

This can be done at the same time as when your plumber is on site. The earlier it’s installed, the sooner it can be tested.

  • Schedule Heating Rough In

Most heating rough ins take 1 day to complete and could overlap on the last day of the plumbing schedule.

  • Schedule Electrical Rough In

This should be scheduled last of all mechanical trades and should not overlap any of the other trades. Running wires can be messy so electricians need to have no difficulties doing their work.

  • Schedule Mechanical Inspections

This can be done when all of your mechanical rough ins are complete.

  • Schedule Insulation, Drywall, Etc.

This can ONLY be done AFTER inspections have been passed. Do NOT drywall without passed inspection stickers!

  • Get Basement Floor Poured

Schedule this as soon as possible because the sooner you get it poured, the less issues you will have with humidity caused by concrete. All of the heating ductwork should be done before framing of walls in the basement and once all of the framing has been completed, schedule your plumbers, heating and electricians back in to complete their work in the basement.

  • Schedule Hot Water Tank Installation

This can be done once you have heat running in your home and water services to your home.

  • Schedule Electrical Pre-Final

This can be done after all texturing and painting is complete.

  • Schedule Plumbing Final

This can be done once counter tops, granite, backsplashes, and flooring have been installed.

  • Schedule Final Electrical
  • Schedule Fireplace Final & Heat Final


All that’s left after you’ve completed all of your mechanical trades is cleaning and moving in! Remember, staying organized is vital for faster completion.


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