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A comfortable home isn’t complete without a great furnace. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current furnace or need services performed on your existing system, Weiss-Johnson is ready to help!

Indoor Air Quality

Air Quality is just as important as temperature. We offer options such as air filtration systems, humidifiers, and HRVs to make your home’s air cleaner and make you more comfortable.


You wouldn’t buy a car without air conditioning so why live without it in your home? At Weiss-Johnson you’ll get the comfort you deserve air conditioning at your home or business.

Hot Water Tanks

Are you sick of running out of hot water while you’re in the shower? Let Weiss-Johnson give you an estimate for a new hot water tank or system that will meet your family’s needs.


Ductless air conditioning is the future of keeping cool. These systems require no previous duct work and provide flexible cooling options. Get a quote today on a great new system.

Fan Coils

Fan coils are used primarily with a boiler system and are basically a hot water furnace. It’s difficult to know which system is best for you home, but Weiss-Johnson can help you choose with a free quote.

Furnace or air conditioner not performing properly? Contact Weiss-Johnson to schedule any HVAC services!

Michelle Duncan

We service all makes and models as well as offering 24-hour emergency services in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Emergency Service
Telephone: (780) 444-8544

The majority of repairs and equipment break-downs are caused due to lack of general maintenance and routine filter changes on equipment. Check out the maintenance contracts we have available to suit your needs.

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