Tips to Hide Your Air Conditioner Condenser

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It’s the season to enjoy your time outdoor, getting backyards ready for parties and relaxation and finally tackling the eyesore in the yard—the air conditioner condenser.

While the AC is vital to home comfort, sometimes the location of the outdoor unit can leave much to be desired. We have provided some helpful ideas to hide your air conditioner condenser:


The most popular way to disguise an air conditioner condenser is to wrap it in a screen or latticework. There are many different patterns and materials available to purchase, or, if you’re handy, you can make a custom screen to blend with your home’s décor.


Grasses grow tall very quickly, making them an ideal solution for hiding an unattractive air conditioner condenser. Planting grasses in pots allows you to conceal your unit while keeping it accessible for air conditioner service or repair.


If you’re unable to completely hide your air conditioner condenser, a good tip is to try and draw attention away from the area. Install a focal point somewhere else in your backyard, or invest in colourful and interesting flowers. When you fill your outdoor space with beautiful objects, no one will even notice the air conditioner condenser!

Whichever way you choose to hide your air conditioner condenser, please keep the following in mind:

Don’t Block Airflow – Your unit needs adequate ventilation to perform safely and efficiently. If you trap hot air around the condenser, it could overheat and breakdown.

Ensure the Unit is Accessible – However you disguise your condenser, make sure that a certified technician can safely reach the unit to perform AC repair and maintenance service.

Don’t Attract Pests – While using plants to hide your condenser is fine, make sure they’re far enough away from the unit that they don’t attract squirrels or mice to the condenser.

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