Use the Start of Daylight Savings as a Reminder to Check Your Smoke Alarms

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The clocks spring forward on Sunday, March 10th, and we officially enter Daylight Saving Time. While we may lose an hour of sleep, our moods start to feel brighter as the sun seems to come out earlier. But March 10th is also a time to adjust other aspects of your home, aside from the time. Kick off the unofficial start of spring by participating in the “Change Your Clock, Change Your Battery” campaign to keep you smoke detectors functional.

Many homeowners don’t change their smoke alarm batteries regularly or check their carbon monoxide detectors. Instead, they wait for the relentless low-battery beeping to alert them that their batteries need to be replaced. When the alarm sounds at an inconvenient time (like in the middle of night), many people just take the batteries out and never get around to replacing them. That is why Fire Chiefs all over Canada recommend preemptively changing batteries every six months.

This year, start a new routine. When Daylight Savings begins and ends, take a moment to inspect all the smoke alarms in your home:

  • Replace all the batteries in your smoke alarms with high-quality ones.
  • Vacuum alarms with a soft brush to prevent dust buildup.
  • Replace alarms when needed; most units have a lifespan of 10 years. If you are unsure how old your alarms are, replace them.
  • Follow the manufacturer instructions and check that the detector is working by using the built-in “test” button.

In addition to checking the smoke alarms you already have, make sure you have enough alarms in the home to protect everyone:

  • Every level of your home should have a working smoke and carbon monoxide detector, including basements and attics.
  • At the very minimum, these detectors are required outside of every sleeping area, but, ideally, every bedroom should be equipped with a working smoke alarm.
  • Alarms should be installed at least 3 meters from cooking appliances to prevent false alarms. Also, do not install alarms near windows, vents or fans as they can disrupt the effectiveness of alarms.

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