How Zoned Heating Can Make Your Home More Comfortable

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As furnaces start to run for the long winter season ahead, many homeowners struggle with having rooms in their home that feel either too warm or too cold. Increasing and decreasing the temperature on one thermostat doesn’t seem to do much, and owners are then faced with having to find other ways of balancing out the uneven temperatures in their homes. Forced air zoning can solve this problem and allow you to keep every part of your home at a comfortable temperature that fits your needs.

A forced air zoning system is what controls the flow of your heated air through your home, delivering it to the different areas that you need more comfort. It will put your home into different “zones” that will each be controlled by their own separate thermostat. This breakup of your home will allow you to eliminate hot and cold spots within your home, and also allow the individual control of those areas’ temperatures.

Forced air zoning works by installing dampers into the ductwork in your home. The dampers act like valves that open and close, controlling the flow of your heated air as it moves through your home. However, these dampers are useless without a thermostat. A thermostat is installed in each zone and control the corresponding dampers within the ductwork. The thermostat communicates electronically whether the dampers should open or close to let more or less air through. These zones can be designed to fit your family’s needs best. A zone can be a single room, several rooms, or even the whole floor of your home – you decide.

Eliminating hot and cold spots isn’t the only thing a forced air zoning system will do, you’ll also see an improvement in energy efficiency. By setting the temperature lower in zones you don’t often use, you won’t be wasting energy by heating them. Your furnace will work less and require less maintenance thanks to the lighter weight of work you need it to do!

Weiss-Johnson has been proudly serving the Edmonton Area for almost 40 years. Our professional staff can help you determine which zones your home will fit into best and help you find out how you can be most comfortable this winter season.


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