Air Conditioner Not Cooling?

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Is your air conditioner not cooling ?  During this heat wave we are receiving numerous calls from homeowners letting us know that their AC is not working properly and requesting service. There are a few things you can check before calling in for service that may very quickly solve your cooling issues.

  1. Furnace filter – As the cool air is circulated through your home using the blower in your furnace it is extremely important that you have a clean furnace filter. If it is clogged and restricts air flow the clogged filter could cause your AC unit to work very poorly…if at all.
  2. Outside Condenser – It is important that the outdoor unit is free from leaves, poplar lint and other blockages. After you turn off the power at the breaker,  quickly hosing it down or blowing out the debris with compressed air can make a poorly functioning condenser work perfect again.
  3. Electrical Breaker – Double check to make sure your breaker at the electrical panel is in the on position and has not tripped. If it has tripped, and after turning the breaker to the on position it trips again, be sure to contact us.
  4. Floor registers – Insure that all of your floor vents are open. Closing one or two to create a funnel effect to get more cool air in a specific room creates an imbalance and can impact cooling efficiency.
  5. Thermostat – Double check your thermostat to make sure you have it set to COOL or AUTO.

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