Dry Air Affecting your Comfort? We have the Remedy

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Don’t suffer from dry air anymore!

Dry air can make winter much less enjoyable than it can be, but with a recommendation from Dr. Dennis, you may be able to stay comfortable:

First there’s the cold weather and the constant snow but that’s just when you’re outdoors, the dry air is what will get you everywhere you go. As the air gets colder there’s less moisture in the air, this means your furnace will be running more often. Your furnace will exchange some of your indoor air with outdoor air without adding any humidity, which can lower the relative humidity in your home.

It’s easy to feel and see the effects of dry air, your skin becomes dry and tight all over your body and can even be harmful to your health and home. It can cause irritated nasal passages, an itchy throat and more static in your home.

In addition to the health risks, it can also damage your home. If the humidity is too low it can cause the wood in hardwood floors, furniture or wood trim to shrink and crack.

To avoid all of these negative side effects, we consult Dr. Dennis. He may not be an actual doctor, but he is an expert in indoor air quality. He recommends an Aprilaire whole-home humidifier!

Some people choose to use a portable humidifier, but they are often unable to reach the same performance as a whole-home unit and are less energy efficient.

Aprilaire offers a series of whole-house products that can attach directly to your current HVAC systems and increase your comfort and savings. As the relative humidity in your home improves, you’ll feel more comfortable in colder temperatures. This allows you to adjust your thermostat accordingly and your furnace can run shorter and less frequent cycles. The Environmental Protection Agency even estimates that you could save 4% on your heating bill for every degree lower.

Keeping you and your family comfortable is our number one priority. To keep you healthy and comfortable through the winter, we recommend an Aprilaire whole-home humidifier.


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