Eliminate Mold & Bacteria With A UV Sterlizer

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For many of us, with summer comes allergy season and due to dust and air pollution many begin running their air conditioners as early as the middle of April. Though the cool air does keep us more comfortable it can also cause problems for those people with breathing difficulties, asthma, or sensitivity to allergens. Unfortunately your air conditioner cooling coil is the perfect place for many of the things that trigger our sensitivities to breed. Check out the list below to find out how a UV light not only helps in this regard but also provides numerous benefits related to the efficiency and longevity of your HVAC system.


1. Increased Airflow

When it comes to keeping your home cool without putting excess strain on your air conditioning system, airflow is one of the most important factors.

As time goes on, debris builds up within your system, and although the air filter works to trap some of these particles, it can only do so much.

Adding a UV light can give your system a serious boost, ensuring optimal airflow.

2. Improved Efficiency

Aside from debris, airflow is also hindered by accumulated microorganisms on the HVAC coil. Often, to mitigate this, you will need to run the system for an extended period to achieve the desired temperatures.

UV lights on your coil help destroy the microorganisms that inhibit smooth airflow.

If the UV light is installed the same time your air conditioner is you should never have to take apart your furnace and clean the coils to allow efficiency in the destruction of the microorganisms to enhance smooth airflow.

3. Decrease Energy Costs

Increased airflow and improved efficiency go hand-in-hand with slightly decreased energy costs.

When your air conditioning system works efficiently, it requires less energy to operate.

4. Kills Mold and Bacteria

Air conditioning systems keep your home cool and comfortable. But it’s almost impossible for air conditioning systems to remain dry from within.

Together with the increased humidity in summer you have a recipe for mold and bacteria. This is where UV light technology helps you most.

UV light significantly reduces microbes on the coils within your system.

The microbes are halted before they can ever become airborne, reducing the risk of mold and other bacteria from infiltrating the rooms in your home.



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