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Energy efficient furnaces should create a noticeable decrease in monthly energy bills. If you have recently installed a new HVAC system, but have not benefited from a decrease in bills, something is likely amiss. However, before you blame your home comfort system, take a closer look at your home — the culprit could lie behind your walls. Improper or nonexistent insulation is one of the biggest reasons for home energy inefficiencies.

Heat is always looking to escape into colder environments to equalize the temperature. This means that in the winter, warm air from inside will escape into colder attics, basements, garages and out and away from your home. In the summer, warm outside air will try and sneak into your air-conditioned home.

The only way to prevent this unwanted transfer of heat is to have adequate insulation in your home. Provincial building codes and local bylaws dictate the R-value (ability of insulation to resist heat flow) required in homes. Depending on your specific needs and requirements, your home could require additional insulation above the building minimums.

You could have the best furnace or air conditioning unit on the market, but if your home lacks the necessary insulation, you are throwing money out the window! One easy way homeowners can check their insulation levels is to head to the attic. Attics usually have blown insulation — if you can see the floor joists, you probably don’t have enough coverage.

Ensuring you have proper levels of insulation is extremely important for your overall home comfort. If heat is escaping your home, you will never be able to keep it at a comfortable temperature — even with the best HVAC unit. If you have invested in a new home comfort system, ensure you have invested in adequate insulation as well!

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