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HVAC repair is the last thing you want to have to deal with, and with a Weiss-Johnson Maintenance Plan, it’s much less likely that you’ll have to.

For your HVAC systems, we always stress that the most effective precaution you can take as a homeowner is performing regular maintenance. That’s easy to understand, by performing maintenance, your system is able to work more efficiently, problems are identified and addressed before they need expensive repairs and your systems airflow won’t be hindered by dirt, dust and debris.

Yes, it’s easy to understand, but it’s not always easy to remember. If you’re system is performing properly, you won’t have to think about it much. It’s really only once a problem arises that many people will start paying attention to their heating and cooling system.

All of our maintenance plans offer an annual maintenance tune up. By signing up for a program, you don’t need to worry about the troubles of scheduling single visits to your home, you can just call Weiss-Johnson to receive the best value!
However, even with proper maintenance there are no guarantees that your system won’t need service. That’s why we offer different levels of our maintenance plan.

Our most affordable plan is our WJ Silver Maintenance Plan. We recommend this level if you still have warranty coverage on your system and/or labour. The WJ Gold and WJ Platinum plans both include an annual amount of parts and labour coverage for people who are looking out for repairs and part replacements.

Here is a full breakdown of each level of our maintenance plans:

Maintenance Plans

Repairs can be one of the most expensive parts of owning an HVAC system. By signing up for one of Weiss-Johnson’s maintenance plans, you’re reducing the risk of having an unexpected breakdown and creating your own repair budget. With coverage, you have much more financial flexibility and will never be too affected by unsuspected breakdowns.


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