Spring Air Conditioning Tips

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Spring is the time to schedule maintenance for the equipment in your home that you’ve invested in that needs to be checked over and prepared for its use in the coming months. Your air conditioner must be checked in the spring because it needs to be evaluated and prepared so it’s ready to go when the temperatures reach double digits and your house needs to be cool and comfortable!

Getting your Air Conditioner ready for the spring season can seem like a daunting task, but with a few steps, you can rest assured that it will be running the way it should and will keep your home cool without breaking down when you are relying on it the most.

  1. Clean off pieces of debris from your air conditioner in the spring. Depending on where you live, you can get a lot of grime and pieces of debris stuck on and around your unit in the winter months. If you fail to clean it properly, dirt and debris can severely affect how your air conditioner works and promote the breakdown of the unit, forcing future expensive repairs.
  1. Take off any protective coverings you’ve placed in the off-season. Your lids and coil coverings are excellent in protecting your air conditioner through the cold winter, but in the spring, you must remember that they will compromise your unit! They have to be removed before you turn your air conditioner on in the spring, or otherwise risk severe damage to it.
  1. Switch your humidifier damper control to “OFF” or “Summer Mode”. Your whole-home humidifier has a damper that should be closed in the spring/summer and open in the fall/winter. If you don’t turn it into summer mode, the cool air your air conditioner will produce in the spring will be forced back over the coils and actually freeze your air conditioner.
  1. Change & clean your indoor air filters and vents. After building up significant dirt and grime throughout the last few months, you’ll want to change your air filters to have clean, fresh air blowing through your home. The same goes for your vents; clean them well to remove the residue and build-up of grime to prevent clogging, encourage proper airflow and improve your indoor air quality all spring. As we wrote about last week, it’s also important to make sure you’re using the best MERV rating for your home.
  1. Turn your air conditioner on in the spring. On a warm day when you can properly evaluate the air flow coming from your unit, turn the air condition on and make sure it is blowing cool air over several hours. If it isn’t and you’ve followed the steps to maintaining your air conditioner in the spring, you will want to schedule professional service to repair it in time for the rest of spring and summer.

Here at Weiss-Johnson, we are happy to help our customers in maintaining your air conditioners for the spring. We offer expert advice on what needs to be done specific to your needs, and can help you ensure that your unit will be running smoothly.


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