The number one cause of a sick furnace

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With very cold weather coming over the next few weeks many people will experience problems with their furnace. If you have not had an annual maintenance done you may have not taken care of the most important item when it comes to insuring your furnace remains running.  Your furnace has to breathe and the way it does that is by bringing air through your air filter. If your air filter is clogged, the furnace has trouble breathing. When the furnace has trouble breathing it will often shut itself off. If you experience a shut down, hear strange noises or feel that something is not right the first thing to do is to check your filter. Often, replacing the filter will solve your problems and get the furnace up and running quickly.

If your furnace stops breathing in the middle of the night and you check your filter only to find that it is clogged. It is acceptable to remove the filter and let the furnace run without it. You can only do this for a few hours though as if dirt and dust get into the furnace they can cause havoc with your heat exchanger and other parts. Running your furnace without the furnace filter will most likely void your warranty so make sure you severely limit the time the furnace has no filter and install a new one as quickly as you can.

If replacing the filter does not get your furnace up and running give us a call. We have emergency service available 24/7.


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