Tips To Stay Cool This Summer In Edmonton

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It’s hot out there in Edmonton! Weiss-Johnson is here to help!

Here are 10 helpful hints to help you through this heat.

1) Turn the fan function on your thermostat to the on position so that the cooler air that is in your basement can be mixed with the other floors to bring the temperature down, or better yet, leave it alone and make your basement your sleeping quarters!

2) Take advantage of the air conditioning in malls and stores and go for a walk there. Now is a great time to go shopping!

3) Keep windows and blinds closed from sun up until sundown. Don’t open your windows unless the outside temperature is cooler than it is inside your home.

4) Try to eat cold, hydrating foods for dinner as to not force excess heat into your body

5) Drink water frequently to keep hydrated and lower your body temperature

6) Mist yourself with cool water

7) Use crisp cotton or satin sheets

8) Use a rotating fan to help circulate the air

9) Use your BBQ for cooking wherever possible. Do your best to not turn on your stove or oven

10) Keep as many lights off as possible along with TV’ s as they can give off lots of heat.

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