Air Conditioner Check-Ups

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Taking regular care of your air conditioner is vital to its lifespan; you need to make sure it’s operating properly and without any issues that can force irreparable damage upon your unit. This is why you need to schedule air conditioner check-ups with a professional who will tell you exactly what you should be expecting from your unit and any problems that need attention for resolution.

Your unit actually accumulates a lot of dust and dirt in many areas that you may not know to check or how to properly clean, like the condenser coils. When these areas aren’t checked and cleaned regularly, your air conditioner begins to become more and more inefficient and actually reduces the quality of your unit by about 5% per year!

This would force you to purchase a new air conditioner much sooner than you expected down the line, not to mention the costly repairs leading up to that. Your best bet is to schedule regular maintenance with a professional, which can be taken care of quite easily through a maintenance plan that fits your household’s needs and budget best!

Weiss-Johnson’s maintenance plans are designed to provide the utmost service and care for your HVAC unit at a price you can afford. Having proper maintenance performed by a professional technician has been proven to reduce utility bills by up to 15% because we know how to get your air conditioner running most efficiently!

We offer maintenance plans at three levels to provide enough flexibility for our customers to pick the plan they feel most satisfied with for their needs. Click here to browse our maintenance plans to see whether our Silver, Gold, or Platinum plan fits you best!

WJ Silver Maintenance Plan:

The most economical plan that’s great for equipment that is still under the manufacturer warranty from when you registered your system after your purchased it. This plan provides yearly annual service to ensure your home is always comfortable.

WJ Gold Maintenance Plan:

This plan gives you more room to control how much you’re paying for the maintenance of your home comfort equipment. This plan provides yearly annual service on all equipment that is covered.

WJ Platinum Maintenance Plan:

This plan gives the highest discounts towards parts and repairs, and is the most flexible way for a homeowner to decide how their systems serviced.

Getting air conditioner check-ups is a necessary part of taking care of your unit and certainly doesn’t have to be a headache, especially with a maintenance plan that takes all that stress away.


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